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Real Estate Black Box

Find out how you can invest in Real Estate using money in your IRA/401k and make returns that will outpace most mutual fund investments.

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Trading Black Box

Find out how you can invest in the commodities and currency markets using money in your IRA/401k and grow your retirement account with assets you know best.

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Lending Black Box

Want to “be the bank” and build wealth as a private lender? Find out how you can make a fantastic return lending money to investors secured by real estate or business assets.

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Business Black Box

Find out how you can invest in private limited partnerships, LLCs, C Corporations, private stock offerings and private placements or even equipment leasing.

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What Is Wealth Black Box?

Wealth Black Box thinks that everyone desires to have access to the best money making and tax free strategies of the wealthy. The wealthy know that a key component to building a large retirement is by setting up the proper tax deferred or tax free retirement solution which minimizes the tax ramifications and maximizes the growth potential of your retirement account.

However, tax free strategies alone are not enough. You must be able to determine which investment choices are best for the current market AND be able to take advantage of such opportunities as they arise. Did you seize the great increases in commodities in the past years? Are you ready when the real estate market begins to increase? Are you ready for moves in the foreign currency markets with all the world changes in progress? Are you looking to invest in a private company or buy a business but don’t know how to use your retirement account to do so? Have you ever thought of being a private lender and being the “bank” and getting returns of 10-20%?

Well, if you are like most people you are busy with your 9-5 job, kids, activities, social life, church, sports, etc and simple don’t have the time or patience to do the necessary research and testing to even consider these alternative investments. The Wealth Black Box team does the research for you and gives you the cliff note version of what retirement plans are available, how to setup, how to fund, and what investment choices are available and working now. We also have a host of experts and interviews that you will have access to depending on the investment topic.

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Why and How?

Why was Wealth Black Box Developed?

Let me take a few moments and tell my story. I worked for over 18 years in the corporate world managing over 100 employees and one day I decided that I had enough and retired. Yes, I had a good job with great pay but I wanted to explore my other passions of real estate and trading. Even though I had accomplished a lot in my life – B.S., M.S., Ph.D. – I really had an entrepreneurial drive and wanted to go out on my own. I therefore started my own business buying and selling houses and two and a half years later I had already racked up $323,000 in profits. However, I got a big shock when about a third of the profit went towards taxes. That’s when it hit me – I need to find a retirement plan that would substantially reduce or eliminate these tax burdens. I wanted to use my profits to grow my retirement account and not grow the goverment. Therefore, I started to research and test methods of tax deferred and tax free investing which have dramatically reduced the amount of time for me to reach my financial goals. It is these strategies and methods that I wanted to share with others knowing that today everyone is struggling and this could make all the different to someone’s life.

How Can Wealth Black Box Benefit You?

We have spent hundreds of hours researching ways for you to not only make more money but to keep more of the money you make as well. We are continually talking and interviewing IRA and 401k experts and then actually putting these ideas into practice or interviewing those that have tested the waters for you. We feel it is our responsibility to share these concepts and strategies with anyone who desires to improve their financial situation. We are seasoned investors and we invest with our own self directed plans. We have the practical experience to help you wisely invest retirement funds for maximum returns.

Learn More  - http://www.wealthblackbox.com