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This assumes you already have a self directed IRA setup and are ready to make money. Follow the simple steps below.

1. You need to find out what investments you are passionate about and identify your investment. Most self directed IRA custodians give you are large choice of investment opportunities as long as they follow the IRS rules. However, not all custodians allow all types of investments so be sure to ask before deciding on a custodian that is right for you.

2. With any self directed investment, you must request funds by completing certain investment forms from the custodian telling them exactly what you are looking to invest in, what it cost and where to send funds. In some cases, you will also fill out a signature direction of investment (DOI) in order for the custodian to sign on the behalf of your IRA. For example, when buying real estate you need them to sign the purchase contract, HUD-1, etc. P{lease note that all documents realated to the investment must be titled in the name of your IRA and not you personally.

3. The custodian will then process the investment forms and will send funds for the investment based on your specified directions. Once the transaction is complete, all records such as real estate deeds, original notes, operating agreements for LLC, etc. are retained by the custodian for safekeeping. Always remember your IRA owns the investment, not you personally.

4. Once your IRA owns the investment all expenses, income, and profit related to that investment must come from or go back to your IRA. Managing the investment must be a closed loop.

5. Finally, you can either hold the investment (for long term cash flow, asset appreciation, etc) or you can sell the investment once you find a buyer. When selling as in buying you must fill out a direction of investment form to tell the custodian exactly what to do and when to do it. The custodian will then sell the asset based on behalf of your IRA. The best part is that all the funds are returned to your IRA TAX FREE.