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Many investors think that their success is predicated upon the resources they have at their disposal. That achieving their goals has to do with the things they use. The idea that I want to share with you today is about a critical aspect you need to understand to succeed in your business or at your workplace.

I find it pretty common for many of the struggling individuals is that they’re constantly on the search for more resources, the greatest and latest technique or strategy. They see an email about a new course that is the best thing since sliced bread and they buy the course and read some of it and realize that was not the savior they were looking for and then go on to buying the next course.

Focusing on resources and the latest strategies becomes more of a way to slow you down than anything. It’s a nice escape route when you surrender or fail at a task. It becomes the easy way out to by making the excuse that you didn’t have the right resources. I want to say that success in any business isn’t about the resources you have or the latest strategy. You can make almost any strategy work for awhile and have some success (obviously some strategies don’t work to the extent that others do) but the key is even with the best resources you will fail if you are not resourceful. It is really about the resourcefulness you possess.

Resourcefulness is about figuring out how to make things work. Resources are things that work for you, however resourcefulness, is about you making things happen. Now let me be clear. You do need certain resources. You can’t launch yourself to success entirely out of thin air. However, you cannot be constantly searching for another resource to make things easier to move you closer to your goal, this will not work. You have to be able to search from within and be resourceful enough to overcome any hurdles a lack of resources present to you.

So how do you become more resourceful? You start by being a better problem solver. Thinking through problems, understanding what is between where you currently are and the type of performance you would need be able to get to where you want to go. Resourcefulness is about thinking about all the different ways you might possibly be able to get the outcome you want on your own. Through your own thinking. By finding shortcuts on your own. That’s critical especially when you’re getting tons of emails and messages online with promotions trying to convince you the resource they offer is going to be the single resource that changes everything about your real estate business. It’s a very important distinction and my experiences have taught me that too many entrepreneurs who struggle tend to look for resources instead of using their own resourcefulness.

The way that you can self-check how resourceful you already are, is by looking at what steps are you taking when you approach a problem or when you have a problem in your business. Do you spend time defining the problem, getting clear about what really is the problem and then brainstorm different solutions? Do you think it through or do you quickly go on line and see if someone else has a product or something about that thing? The latter can sometimes be a good strategy, but if it what you do each and every time without thinking it through first then you need to switch to thinking through your problems more thoroughly. Defining what the real problem is and working through that. You need to invest the necessary time to become resourceful. This will be more beneficial to you than having a ton of courses on different strategies in your library.