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Due to the increasing demand for commodities such as grains, oil, metals, etc today markets are fantastic for trading. The ever increasing population around the world has increased the demand for these products. Trading is a great way to create an additional stream of income or earn a full time living. This is a business you can start with low cost, work from home, no employees, no inventory, no advertising or any of the traditional business costs. If you’ve been working for a while, you may have most of your life savings locked up in a retirement account. As a result, if you want to take advantage of an opportunities in Gold and Silver or the looming global food shortage. A self directed IRA or 401K is a great way to fund these alternative investments. Financial professionals all agree that asset diversification is the key to success. To reduce the risks of investing, they suggest the purchase of precious metals to diversify investments among different securities or asset classes.

Another great way to grow your retirement account is by buying and selling foreign currencies either on the spot market (Forex) or the CME exchange (futures currencies). We think there will be great moves in certain currencies due to the economic and political instability in the world. To take advantage of these massive moves you must be ready to enter the market when the market signals a buy or sell.

Make Money In Forex

George Soros gained international notoriety when, in September of 1992, he risked $10 billion on a single currency speculation when he shorted the British pound. He turned out to be right, and in a single day the trade generated a profit of $1 billion – ultimately, it was reported that his profit on the transaction almost reached $2 billion. As a result, he is famously known as the “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

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