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PART I – Monthly Videos (typically 2 per month). These videos contain in depth discussions on how to seriously grow your wealth and the best wealth savings plans for you.  We also will be interviewing the nation’s top experts on what’s working now in today’s economy. We will also do our best to keep you up to date with changes in the IRS rules and regulations.

A Few Of The Video Topics Include:

    • Best Retirement Plans For You
    • Top Investments For Returns
    • Rules And Regulations Changes
    • Residential Real Estate Investing
    • Commercial Real Estate Investing
    • Contribution and Withdrawal Rules
    • Tax Liens/Tax Deeds Investing
    • Lending Money (Mortgage/Deed Of Trust Notes)
    • Finding Private Money For Your Deals
    • Note Buying
    • Investing In Oil/Gas
    • Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium)
    • Currency Trading (Forex)
    • Futures Trading
    • Investing In LLCs or C-Corporations
    • Factoring Invoices
    • Stock Offerings
    • Private Placements
    • Private Equity
    • Structured Settlements
    • Buying A Business In A Retirement Plan
    • Any Relevant Topic Which Members Have Questions About
    • Many More…


PART II – “Need To Know Now” Email Support. Email a question and get an answer typically with 24-48 hours. Currently, I charge $400/hour for consulting. So this is a bargain for $67 per month! Limit of 10 emails/month or up to 60 minutes/month.

BONUS: FREE 30 minute “Life Wealth Plan” 1-on-1 consultation call
In this powerful session you will leave with:

  • Retirement Plan Review
  • A new awareness of all the tax free opportunities available to you in your self-directed wealth plan.
  • A renewed sense of energy that you can get your retirement savings back on track.
  • A “next-step” action plan for you to take your investing to another level.


GUARANTEE:  Cancel anytime and we will stop all future charges.  In addition, if unsatisfied for any reason, you can request your money back for the period in which you cancel.

COST: $4.95 for first 7 days and then $67 every 30 days